Boyz-N-Berry Set to be “Next” Big Color?


Boys-N-Berry is a unique color in that it can exemplify either an elegant or a relaxed oo

Each season, the design community anxiously awaits news of the next colors in design. The colors translate into much more than just one industry, you see. A popular color can be seen in fashion designs, interior design, product creation, and more. Though we are fans of the classic designs that transcend time, it’s always exciting to hear about what color will make its way into the design scenes and soon, we expect that you’ll be hearing much more about Boyz-N-Berry.

The Color Marketing Group, which is comprised of members from a range of industries, come together to consider the colors that society is swaying toward using trends surrounding each industry. This year, the group arrived at Boyz-N-Berry as their color pick. A deep, reddened purple, the color can be paired well in many different color combinations.

What do you think of the color? Do you think it could work well in home designs?


Source The Color Marketing Group

Image via Ann Porter

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